Caitlin Bowen

Public Relations Specialist

RAREFORM is a great brand, but there is a noticeable lack of brand awareness and presence in the advertising world. The company creates travel and accessory products from old billboards – out-of-home advertisements that would’ve otherwise ended their short lifespan in a landfill.

RAREFORM’s minimalistic efforts in advertising and its own mission fueled the vision for my campaign, affectionately titled “This is NOT…”

“This is NOT…” highlights how RAREFORM repurposes old billboards and other vinyl/canvas advertisements to create its products. Thus, RAREFORM’s advertisements in this campaign are not just ads; they’re also suitcases, tote bags, purses, and notebooks. Each OOH advertisement in this campaign features one of the brand’s items, showcasing the company’s offerings and illuminating the actual meaning of the ad copy. While it may sound counterintuitive, the goal of this campaign is to confuse the audience. The confusion is not malicious. Rather, if the audience is confused by how a billboard is “NOT A BILLBOARD,” their curiosity will prompt them to research the brand. It’s like the saying, ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ although this campaign aims for a much less morbid outcome.

“This is NOT…” is ubiquitous, at least on a domestic level. RAREFORM ships to all 50 states in the U.S., meaning that the wild postings, billboard, and bus advertisements can be rolled out anywhere. However, as a sustainable company, RAREFORM may have more success in states like California, where higher costs are more acceptable in the name of being environmentally-friendly.

The billboard should be posted on highways, ideally near airports and shopping centers.

RAREFORM offers several duffle bags, tote bags, and luggage tags on its website. Thus, placing the billboard near those areas may encourage people to buy or replace travel accessories with those offered by the brand.

The wild postings should be placed in active pedestrian areas, such as Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles or Times Square in New York City.

This will expand the audience reach by targeting those who prefer to, or must, walk instead of drive.

The bus advertisement covers an even wider area than the billboard and wild postings, as it will traverse the span of an entire city. Thus, it will reach a much larger audience than the other two.

However, based on the nature and cost of RAREFORM products, the bus advertisement should initially be rolled out in large Californian cities, such as Los Angeles. If this effort proves successful, then the campaign can be implemented in other states or geographical areas.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Rareform. This webpage and the included content are only for a class project.