Caitlin Bowen

Public Relations Specialist

What is the task?

  • The task is to create a tagline that is memorable, catchy, and inspires the target audiences to subscribe and watch Netflix’s summer releases.

What is the goal?

  • The goal is to retain and regain U.S. Netflix subscribers through the company’s unique summer 2023 releases. This campaign will focus on two key target audiences: young people on summer break and people who enjoy spending their free time binge-watching shows on streaming services. 

Why do we need this campaign?

  • We need this because Netflix lost around 1.3 million subscribers during the first half of 2022. While the company did regain some ground towards the end of 2022, the increase in affordable streaming service competition means that Netflix needs to distinguish itself as the best option for subscribers. With great content arriving this summer, Netflix has the opportunity to present itself as the ultimate choice for streaming. Thus, this campaign and corresponding tagline must encourage retention and gain new subscribers while also referencing the company’s new summer releases. 

Who are the target audiences?

  • We are speaking to two specific audiences: young people who are on vacation or summer break, typically in high school and college; and people who relax in their free time by binge-watching television and movies. These two target audiences do overlap; however, the latter includes members of every age/generation. Summer means longer days, which gives people more free time to spend doing whatever they’d like with these extra minutes or hours. Many people travel during the summer months, but with rising costs of living and higher education, many young people cannot afford to travel during the summer. Summer has also become the most costly time to adventure, both internationally and domestically. With that in mind, television shows and movies often provide global experiences from the comfort of one’s own home, inspiring future travel and fulfilling part of the desire to venture domestically or internationally. 

What will make our target audiences listen?

  • What will make the audience listen is the creativity, memorability, and relevancy of the campaign and messaging. The messaging and tone of this campaign should encourage subscribers to stay loyal customers of Netflix, while excitedly promoting the new summer releases. Thus, the messaging and tagline must resonate with two distinct target audiences. It should be concise and catchy to make the campaign and Netflix’s summer offerings memorable. Further, the content must be relevant to the summer theme. The messaging, tagline, and corresponding graphics will be found on billboards and social media posts. Simple graphics and the use of the bold red color will help the audience digest and remember the campaign while staying true to the Netflix theme.

Where will this campaign live?

  • This campaign and tagline will be illustrated on billboards and social media promotions. The billboard promotions aim to attract a larger, more diverse audience, since they will be placed in high-density areas, such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. Additionally, many of the billboards will be positioned on high-traffic highways and roads, so the passing public has more time to view the content.

    Social media posts will reach an even larger audience than the billboards, allowing Netflix to target most of its audience. Netflix will purchase social media advertisements to promote the campaign and conduct paid influencer relations. Influencers should be relevant to the two target audiences, with a heavier focus on influencers with a large Gen Z following. Since binge-watchers and young people tend to be more technologically savvy than other demographics, social media promotions will resonate with these audiences.

What is the timeline for this campaign?

  • This campaign will run from May to August 2023. Therefore, planning and campaign conceptualization should begin immediately, with final approvals given by the end of April. Advertising during May will be focused on generating interest and excitement toward the campaign. Advertising from June to July will emphasize Netflix’s summer offerings as they are released. Advertising efforts in August will focus on the remaining releases while simultaneously nudging people to participate with messaging that focuses on the campaign’s ‘limited-time’ nature.

    After the end of this campaign, there will be a thorough analysis of its performance in September. The results from this analysis will inform future advertising and communication efforts, adjusting as necessary.

Tagline: Netflix’s Ultimate Summer Staycation

For the whole summer release campaign, Netflix will use the same advertising tagline: “Netflix’s Ultimate Summer Staycation.” Shortened, the tagline will be the “Ultimate Summer Staycation.” From research conducted on the current state of the U.S. economy, rising costs of living, global warming, and increased travel costs (especially during the summer), staycations are likely to be more popular this summer. With this in mind, Netflix will be positioning its summer releases as a staycation, allowing audiences to travel the world virtually at a fraction of the price, while also serving as inspiration for future adventures.

*Note: I have no affiliation with Netflix. This content is for an academic project only.